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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I didn't get my login information in an email?

With 2.0 your login is now an email address. System administrators will no longer be sending you your username and / or password due to security reasons. We can look up your username (might be a temporary email address) and provide it to you. However, it will be up to the individual user to reset their password.

As we now require a unique email for all of our users please reference our new sign in process:

For more information or to submit a support ticket view our Contact Us page.

The online course is not showing; how do I get it to work?

Online courses will launch in the content player, enabling content to play without having to disable pop up blockers. You can resize the size of the content player by clicking on the X symbol as shown below:

Course Player Arrow


You also may not have one of the required plug-ins installed to view the courseware. Most of the courses are of very high quality and require Adobe Flash or Unity to be installed. You can download the latest versions of each from our System Requirements page.


If you are still having troubles, please Contact Us.

How do I submit a document to an instructor?

You can submit documents directly to the instructor.  Select My Account then My Learning.  Use the search, filter and sort options to locate the class.  Select more to expand the class details. Identify the Files section, and select + Add Files.  Enter the document name, browse for and attach the document.  The make this visible only to your instructor, select Select Users and +Add User-search for the instructors name and assign to the instructor.  

I can’t attend the class I registered for, can I change my class online?

Yes! You can change your class online by selecting My Account and then My Learning.  From there, use the search, filter or sort options to locate the desired class to change and select Change Class.  Locate the desired class date, time and/or location and select the Register button to change your class. 

How can I add my picture to my Training Profile?

You can now add a profile picture to your user profile! Select My Account and My Profile.  Select the camera icon and navigate and select the desired picture to be uploaded. 

How can I see my team's training?

Log into your UA account and navigate to the My Account page.  From My Account, select My Team to be directed to the My Team page, showing all assigned team members.  Select the View Learning option to see all learnings assigned by learner.  Additionally, you can view each user's training profile by navigating to Manage My Users page.  Select the view option next to each user to view the user's training history. 

How can I access my trainings?

You can access scheduled, completed and online trainings by selecting My Account and then My Learning to be directed to all trainings.   Use the search, filter, and sort buttons to locate the desired trainings.   Use the more button to expand the details of your trainings.  

How can I take my online training course?

Launch your online training course by selecting My Account and then My Learning.  Use the search, filter and sort options to locate your online training.  Select Launch to launch the content player or select more to expand the training details to locate the training content.  Please note- progress percentage does not reflect actual percentage completed, however, your progress will be saved. 

Why can I not sign in?

There are most likely 2 issues why you cannot sign in. To allow our customers to have a single unified experience across all of United Rentals digital properties United Academy now requires an email to login. Please click here for more information: