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New Sign In Information

To allow our customers to have a single unified experience across all of United Rentals digital properties United Academy now requires an email to login. Based on whether you have a valid email or not see below for instructions.

1. Users that had already supplied an email: Your username is now your email. Click Sign In and then on forgot password link. You will receive an email to reset your password.

SIng In Icon


Forgot Passowrd Image
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2.   Users that did not have an email associated to their account: If you used a username that was not an email address and did not have one on file we created a temporary email for you ([email protected]). Call our customer care center at 844.222.2345 and they will be able to provide it for you. Once you have received your temporary email address click Sign In and then enter the temporary email address you were provided.

Temporary Email

Once submitted you will be prompted to provide a valid email address. Important - To be able to reset your password and login you must provide a valid email address that you have access to.

Enter New Email

Once you enter in a valid email the Send Instructions button will turn blue and become active. Click the button to continue.

Verify Correct Email

If this email address is valid and not already linked to another user you will be presented with the following screen. Go check your email and sign in! For any issues or support contact us at 844.222.2345

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