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Renee and Taylor are truly an asset to your organization. The need was great on this site for my guys and your team came through with flying colors! The Yates organization was very impressed as well. I am very impressed with the United Academy software. Once again UR is first and if not first definitely the best at whatever idea you guys decide would be beneficial to your customer. I think the caption says it all-"TOGETHER WE ARE UNITED!”

Gene Stewart, Purchasing Manager, Buckner Companies

I have had to go to plenty of training over the years and I would say this was one of the most useful trainings I have attended. From start to finish you had everyone’s attention, had great info and put it in a way we could all understand. I will say this, I have been working on jobsites and driving lifts since I was 14 and I would have never figured I would walk away with as much important Information as I did, and that goes for all my guys that were there…

Paul M. Cantarella, President - Cantarella & Son, Inc.

It was a terrific class and learning opportunity for all of us involved. The instruction was great as well as all of the great insight given by the participants. It is amazing the information that can be attained in a shared learning environment. A class act all of the way around to be sure.

Michael Brent Parker - Dow Corning

All techs reported the lift training was so valuable - they all learned things about lifts they did not know! I appreciate your assistance!

Jeanne Chimelewski - Stanley Security

I have been a certified operator for close to 11 years prior to becoming a trainer. As a result of this course I learned more about the “why” in 4 days than I had in in 11 years.

Cordero Anderson - Advance Tank & Construction

United Academy is incredible and convenient. I am very impressed with not only the blended Rough Terrain Forklift Operator Certification product but also the friendly customer service that I have received thus far.

Dave Thornton - Wohlsen Construction Company

I wanted to just say in my years of working and having to take classes, I’ve learned more in the last 2 weeks than in the last 10 years. You guys are spot on!!

John Harper - Nexius

Train the Trainer Program: Good program, I learned a lot! Four days is a long program, but I found myself looking forward to it every day! Thanks!

Rick Galleta - T.J. McCartney, Inc.

I wanted to thank you again for coming in to see us and training the Fall protection working from heights course. We will certainly utilize United Rentals for our upcoming training needs you are very informative and the class really appreciated the time you took to ensure that we got all the information necessary to work from heights in the field.

Thomas Grey - Lovett Signs & Neon Inc.

Thank you again for coming through in such a short notice. Without your help my project would have come to a screeching halt. I look forward to working with you and your team in the near future!

Thomas Grey - Power Design Inc.

I wanted to reach out and let you know what a tremendous member of your team, Mr. Felix Garcia is. Right from the start he was extremely polite, approachable, and professional with the right amount of fun. It must be tough knowing you have to train a group of people that are not used to sitting still for 6 hours, he handled this perfectly. His approach to the class was perfect and offered the right amount of hands on training and light-heartedness to get us through. I can honestly say it was the best training I’ve had. If I could request him to handle all of our certificate training throughout Deployed, I certainly would. He was the best.

Brandon J. Hamlin - Corporate Training